"You deserves the best possible care" - At Healing Point, we strive to deliver the best multidisplinary approach to address your need. 


We provide treatment and training for a variety of conditons. Some common conditions and dieseases treated by our team:

01 Back & Neck Pain


Having radiating pain in legs and arms?  Difficulty in sleeping or sitting in a particular position? Give us a call and our team will give you a fix.

04 Postural Correction


If you are unhappy with how your frame looks, or if you are suffering from the stress associated with postural strain, this is a great place to start. 

02 Other orthopaedic conditons

We tackle bone fractures, soft tissues injuries, post  operative reconditioning and overuse injuris.

05 Workplace ergonomics


On site workplace ergonomics assessment helps individuals and coporations to promote and improve workplace safety.

03 Sports Injuries


Training and treatments are not limited to professional athletes only. Anyone who has a strong passion to sports need proper training and rehabilitation after injuries to move on.


06 Chest conditions


From pneumonia, sputum retention, dyspnea to mechanical ventilation, we are here to help you or your loved one to breath easier, 




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